Hộp chứa mẫu (Carrier)

Hộp chứa mẫu (Carrier)

Hộp chứa mẫu (Carrier)

Hộp chứa mẫu (Carrier)

Hộp chứa mẫu (Carrier)
Hộp chứa mẫu (Carrier)
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Hộp chứa mẫu (Carrier)

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Hộp chứa mẫu (Carrier)

1. General

1.1. General technical description 


Carrier NW 110L/110K 


Ing. Sumetzberger G.m.b.H. 

Leberstr. 108 A-1110 Vienna 

Disinfection temperature 

120oC max. time 30 seconds 

Method of construction

Carrier with swivel lid 


transport of different products 

Loading diameter Loading length

NW110L: Ø72mm/2,8"NW110K: Ø82mm/3,5“ 

NW110L: 330 mmNW110K: 230mm 

Special length NW110K: 185mm, 200mm, 335mm 

Bend radius

Bend radius for carrier NW110K: 650mm, 550mm 

(Reserve: L=335mm, Bend radius: 1250mm)

Bend radius for carrier NW110L: 650mm, 550mm 

Order no.

NW110K 230x82 RED  RP32026 

NW110L 330x72 RED  RP47662 

Carrier NW110K 230x82 also available in: 

YELLOW: RP41579 

ORANGE: RP41705                                           

for METALL TUBE: RP44174

LOCKABLE - red *: RP32029   

LOCKABLE – orange *: RP32029A 

* no universal key available, locks: 

RP32854-1 to -14, standard: RP32854-18 

Carrier NW110L 330x72 also available in: 


GREEN: RP47662G 

Carrier accessory:  

Eprouvette inserts for 110K: RP42421C 

Eprouvette inserts for 110L: RP43824


Special design Order no.

Carrier NW110B 185x82  RED                                       RP32025 

Carrier NW110K 335x80   RED                                      RP32026L

Carrier NW110K 335x82  RED                                       RP42081 

Carrier NW110K 200x82  RED                                       RP41541 

Carrier NW110K 230x80 RED (Da=99.5-101mm)         RP42606

Carrier NW110L 330x72 RED (Da=99.5-101mm)         RP32015                                      




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