Bộ truyền dẫn (Diverter)

Bộ truyền dẫn (Diverter)

Bộ truyền dẫn (Diverter)

Bộ truyền dẫn (Diverter)

Bộ truyền dẫn (Diverter)
Bộ truyền dẫn (Diverter)
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Bộ truyền dẫn (Diverter)

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Bộ truyền dẫn (Diverter)


Data sheet 

Technical data


Triple diverter "W3F" 


Mechanical features: 

- self-adjusting maintenance-free gaskets 

- sturdy mechanism with "soft" drive by V-belts 

- non-contacting scanning of the unit positions 

- no air exit at the station 

- super dimensioned motor 

Appliance dimen sions 

765 x 324 x 256 mm (h x b x t )

Packing dimensions

825  x 335 x 265 mm (h x b x t)      volume: 74 Liter 


gross: 15,2 kg        net: 14,3 kg 

Packing contents

Diverter W3F 


steel casing RAL1013 white 

PVC casingRAL7035 grey 

Electric supply

The diverter is supplied by the power supply unit with 30 V 

Electricity uptake when ready for operation 120 mA 

Electricity uptake when in operation 1,2 -1.5 A 

Electricity limitation 4A 

Type of drive/ internal 

Direct current gear motor over V-belt: 30 VDC

max.10 A (electricity limitation at 4 A) 

2.5 NM

37 RPM

Noise level

Measurement at a distance of  1Meter : 

Change position        55 dbACarrier movement:60 dbA 

Heat emission

Negligible (<1W in Ready mode, <10W in Operation mode) 

Type of control

DCB2000 (diverter control board) 

Clock frequency

20 MHz

Kind of protection according to DIN40050 



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